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Networking is so much easier with the internet; googling, Criags list, social media and so many more way to connect us.   However, people do need to be cautious.  Just watch the news (or google) and you’ll hear stories about the dangers of strangers.  When looking for child care and sitters parents should be cautious.  Some sitter sites may have a huge network of available sitters, but have not personally met the individual or have criminal background checks on them.

P’s & Q’s Child Care Staffing takes the worry out of your sitter selection.  We require all registered sitters to attend training, they are interviewed by our owner, copies of identification is kept on file including their social security card and drivers license, and all applicants must provide a criminal background check.

We provide teacher aides to national child care centers including Kids R Kids, The Goddard Schools, Primrose Schools, Bright Horizons and Easter Seals to name a few.  We also provide sitters to hotels, camps and for parents needing some help when they’re away from home as well as private individuals.  childpainting

As our parents always said, “Don’t talk to strangers”.  Make sure your child care provider has met and qualified any sitter they send out.  Our sitters arrive with a copy of all their paperwork for your review and a checklist to complete with the family; phone numbers, any medications, food allergies, etc.

Visit us at www.psandqsstaffing.com to learn more.  Feel free to give us a call to discuss your needs.  Summer is around the corner!

For traveling parents the hotels can usually assist with your child care need, but remember to determine whether the hotel does criminal background checks, obtains a copy of the sitters social security number and drivers license and other practical matters.  P’s and Q’s sitters come prepared.  Read this interesting article on “Practical Traveler; Baby Sitters on the Road” published in the NY Times.

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